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How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Article

How to Write Search Engine optimized Blog – Write SEO Blog Post:  Those of you who are bloggers may know that it is important to do on page SEO while viewing articles on the blog. If you do not do SEO when writing a blog article, then it will not show on the first page of Google or search engine.

This way you will not get a lot of free organic traffic or visitors from Google or search engine. So in today’s article I will tell you how to do On Page SEO while writing an article in a blog. .

Search engine optimization for blog articles depends on keywords and completeness techniques. That’s why you need to know some things to do article on page SEO.

What is SEO? (What is SEO) – Write SEO Blog Post

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique or method used to bring a blog article to the front page of google search. Now when people search for a topic by matching it with your blog, then google will show the article of your blog in the search results.

how to write seo optimized blog article

As a result, you will get a lot of organic traffic or visitors to the blog. seo Start is for Google search but no, you can do SEO for yahoo, bing search engine.

Hopefully I have been able to give some knowledge about what SEO is and why seo should be done in blog articles. Let’s find out the keyword relationship.

What is a keyword? (What is keyword)

A keyword is a word associated with a topic or topic related to a blog or article. Simply put, the keyword is the word associated with the subject you are writing.

We always try to rank our articles in google, yahoo and bing search engines based on these keywords. When someone searches the search engine with the topic or keyword of our article, then the search engine should show our article on their first page.

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When the article first appears in search engines, you will get a lot of visitors for free. So if you want to get a lot of visitors or traffic from search engines, then use keywords in blog articles.

Now the question that may come to your mind is where, how and how many times will I use the keyword in the blog article? Let’s find out about keyword density from below.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is a number or measure by which we use keywords in blog articles. If you give an example, you will understand clearly.

Suppose you are writing an article about What is SEO. Your surviving keywords are SEO in bangal, how to learn seo, rules to do seo, seo tutorial, how long it takes to learn seo, importance of seo.

how to write seo optimized blog article

The keyword density is the measure of how many times you will mention your surviving keywords in the blog article. It is important to write articles according to keyword density at all times.

If you type keywords in the article, then google search algorithm can automatically panalize the article. The article will not show up in google search.

Always use as many keywords as you need in the article. Remember, keyword density should always be between 1% and a maximum of 1.5%. Never try to use more than that.

How to write seo optimized blog article SEO?

First of all, I have said that it is important to use keyword while doing blog article on page SEO or SEO. If you use SEO properly when writing articles, then 70% of your on-page seo or seo will be used.

So let’s find out from below how to use seo with keyword and what to do seo in articles outside of keyword.

(1) Use keyword in the title of the article

Visitors can easily understand what you have written about the article by reading the title of the article. Now you must put the target keyword in the article.

This will allow search engines and visitors to read your title and easily understand what the article is about. You can see at the end of the title of this article how to write seo optimized blog post is written, meaning it is my keyword.

Moreover, I have targeted another keyword with this keyword is “How to do SEO” it. In this way, always keep your targeted keywords in the title of the article.

(2) Use keyword in the url address of the article

No matter which blogger or WordPress you use, you will get the option to edit the url address of the article while writing the article.

You will edit the url address and put the targeted keyword there. Also, shorten the url address of the article all the time.

(3) Write more than 1500 words in the article

Always try to write a blog article of more than 1500 words. If you can, try to write in 2500 words. The more details you write, the more Google search engine will like your article.

Google always gives more value to long keyword and will get a lot of traffic through it. Moreover, the longer visitors stay in your website, the more websites will rank. And if you can, then try to write articles of more than 2500 to 3000 words.

(4) Use the targeted keyword correctly

First of all I said that it is important to use keyword correctly for seo while writing an article on page seo. The keyword that you are writing the article targeting must be used in the first paragraph and the last paragraph and a few times in the middle.

This will make it easier for search engines to understand what your target keyword is. Moreover, the article will rank the search results correctly. Remember to never use too many keyword articles.

(5) Use H tag in the article

H tag means H1, H2, H3, H4. These tags should be used in the article for seo. H tags make it much easier for visitors to read articles and the article looks clear and beautiful.

Moreover, when writing an article, you must use the keyword in at least one H tag. This will make it easier for search engines to understand the subject matter of your article.

(6) Use photo in the article

When you publish an article on a blog, you must upload at least one photo to match the article. Images are very important in terms of SEO.

After uploading the image, you must go to the alt tag option of the image and use your targeted keyword (On page SEO bangla tutorial). In this, when someone searches the image by typing that keyword in the search engine, you will see your image.

(6) Inter linking in the article

Inter linking is an important topic for article SEO. But 80% of people do not use inter linking in articles. As a result, they can not rank articles in other search engines, including google.

If you want to rank the article in search engine by seoing it properly then you must do inter linking. Many may want to know what inter linking is and how to do it.

What is inter linking? (What is inter linking)

Inter linking is a method by which we can link to a blog article through another url link. You may have noticed above that I have given two links in this article.

how to write seo optimized blog article

Those two links are links to other articles written by my blog. I have given these two links to the links of the other two articles which are similar to this article.

How to do inter linking?

When you publish an article on a blog that matches your topic, you will copy the link to the article you previously published on your blog and put it in this article.

Then there will be inter linking with your article. Remember that internal links are very important for SEO.

Last word

Then we know how to write blog article SEO? About this. If you follow my method and seo the article, then hopefully you will be number 5 in the Google search list InshaAllah.

At the end, if you have any questions about my article, please comment below and if you like it, please share.

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