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World Post Day 9th October 2019 – Today the world is celebrating

World Post day happens each year on October 9, the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which started in 1874 in Switzerland. The UPU was the start of the global communications revolution, introducing the ability to write to others all over the world. World Post Day started in 1969. Since then, countries all over the world take part in celebrations to highlight the importance of the postal service. Many things happen on this day. Post offices in some countries hold special stamp collection exhibitions; there are open days at postal measures and there are workshops on postal history. The UPU organises an international letter writing competition for young people.

Postal systems have been in operation for many centuries. From back way back in history, people sent letters to each other. These were delivered on foot or on horseback by special messengers. From the 1600s the first national postage systems began springing up in many countries. These were more organized and many people could use them. Slowly countries agreed to exchange mail internationally. By the late 1800s there was a global postal service, but it was slow and complicated. The birth of the UPU in 1874 opened the way for the efficient postal service in existence today. In 1948, the UPU become an agency of the United Nations.

World Post Day is celebrated on October 9 every year marking the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Swiss Capital, Bern. The Universal Post Union (UPU) Congress held in Japan declared October 9 as World Post Day. Around 150 countries celebrate World Post Day to increase the awareness of people about the postal sector, their contribution to global social, economic development and their role in everyday businesses. The UPU helps facilitate awareness with its World Post Day by designing and distributing posters for display across the globe. In 2016, the UPU launched a new poster for the 2016-2018 period. While India celebrates Postal Day on October 10.

Every year, UPU’s member countries are encouraged to organize their own national activities to celebrate the event and promote post products and services. An international letter-writing competition is also organized for children up to 15 years of age on this day. National winners are often honored on this day. The theme for the 2017 competition is: “Imagine you are an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General; which world issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it?” The topic was chosen to celebrate the election of the new UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.10 Celebrities Who Had Interesting Previous Careers

This year, World Post Day is not guided by a particular theme, however, the UPU’s latest poster design shows UPU’s three strategic pillars: innovation, integration, and inclusion.

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