What is Coding? What is Programming Language – You Should Know

What is Coding?

Programming (what is coding) I will discuss in detail with you through today’s article. At the present time all the work that is going on with the progress is now tied to the automatic system.

Have you ever wondered how the human race is developing so fast? With just one click through the mobile app, the food is reaching your house at the moment.

Not only this, with the help of video call you can easily talk from home and abroad without any hassle. Remember that technology is behind all this. And this new technology has to work through programming language (program language) and coding.

You know, a career in coding is a lucrative career. Through which you will get the opportunity to earn income through various means.

What Is Coding

For example, you can work online at any tech multinational company in the country or abroad. You can work as a freelancer in the online marketplace. You can open your own tech company again.

In a word, if you can learn coding in a good way, you will be able to earn a lot of income through this.

So, let us know from below what is coding or coding means (what is coding?) and how to learn coding.

What is coding?

Coding – computer is a modern device but computer can’t think for itself yet. So people give instructions to the computer and the computer works according to that instruction.

And coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that let you do whatever you want on a computer. In a word, coding is your instruction given to the computer.

The information that we input into the computer, the computer can not understand the information directly. So the computer converts the language given to us into its machine.

Later when it shows us the input, it converts our language again. Remember, the languages ​​of computer machines are 0 and 1. And these are called binary digits or numbers.

In a word, what a computer can understand is code, and what a coder does is coding.

So, we understand that code is a language that computers can easily understand. And coding is a way of sorting this language.

Coding allows us to create computer software, applications, games, websites, etc. So, coders or programmers are the people who write programs behind what we see on the computer.

What is coding in simple language?

We often call coding a programming language. So to put it simply, coding is the simplest language for human interaction with computers.

Computers do not understand human language. When you ask a computer to do something, the computer will only understand 0 and 1. Which we know as binary numbers.

What Is Coding

Remember, the role of coding is invaluable in getting any computer work done quickly and without error.

So, after all, everything we see and do on a computer is the result of computer coding.

How many types of coding?

As I said before you can only create applications using coding but not that. Coding allows you to design and create websites.

There are two types of coding based on this topic, namely –

1. Web language coding
2. Windows coding

So, let’s learn more about web language coding and Windows coding from below.

(1) Web language coding

You can become a developer by learning coding and designing websites, landing pages, blogs etc.

To do this you need to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS well. In website design you can learn web content, web client, network security and server spitting.

(2) Windows coding

When you write a book with your VPA project, it is called windows coding.

Remember, the demand for Windows coding is much higher and much more advantageous. Windows applications are used when writing code like java, C ++, C #, .net etc.

What Is Coding Programming Language

When you know C and C ++ well, you can learn C # and vp dot net more easily. Windows code is used to write software or applications like Gaming, Word and Excel.

Moreover, this coding is very effective and can be written much faster for writing applications like VBA.

Easy way to learn coding

There are so many types it’s hard to say. From where coding is taught very easily.

But, to learn coding, you must first learn or choose a language. For example, Java, C, C ++, PHP etc.

How to learn coding

You can learn coding at home without being admitted anywhere. For this you can follow the following methods.

There are many YouTube channels in English and Bengali, from where you can learn coding without any money.

Below are a few popular YouTube channels. From where you can learn through video tutorials.

W3Schools Online Tutorials

Hacker rank

Geeks for geeks

Programming Hero

Python tips and tricks


How does coding work?

First you need to know any one programming language. Through which you must write the coding.

Remember, creating logic is the main function of coding. As a result, the coding you create will give you some output.

Each of the different programming languages ​​has its own syntax which makes the complete code a complete structure.

Remember, it is better to learn coding by hand than by reading coding books or online classes. So the programming languages ​​that you are learning, you have to download this application and practice the code yourself.

If there is a mistake somewhere in your coding, it will show the error of the program in your application.

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