Upwork Power Webinar Starting Your Agency
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Upwork Power Webinar Starting Your Agency on Upwork 24 July 2019

Upwork webinars are usually hosted by Upwork Ambassadors and the Upwork Community team. Topics range from getting started tips for new freelancers to business growth webinars for experienced freelancers and curated expert talks.

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Upwork Power Webinar Starting Your Agency on Upwork 24 july 2019 :: Part 1

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Upwork Power Webinar 24 July 2019

Webinar content

Earning More on Upwork

  • Learn how to make your Profile stand out;
  • Discover tips on how to submit an application and get hired;
  • Hear how to build your reputation & ratings;
  • Use our live Q&A session for timely insights.

Profile Makeover Webinar:

Learn how to make your profile stand out on Upwork:

  • Understand the benefits of a great profile
  • Leverage tips from successful freelancers for all sections of your profile
  • Improve your profile and win more projects

Proposals That Sell:

Increase your chances to win more jobs by learning tips on crafting killer proposals:

  • Understand the benefits of submitting great proposals
  • Learn how to grab clients’ attention with a customized proposal
  • Hear which strategies top freelancers use to write winning proposals

Build And Manage Your Brand:

Learn tips on how to create your professional online brand:

  • Define what a professional brand is and its benefits
  • Analyze your professional strengths and development areas
  • Learn the tools to draft your professional brand strategy

Agency Technical Webinar:

Learn the key differences between using Upwork as a freelancer and as an agency:

  • Find out whether creating and running an agency account is for you
  • Learn about the functionalities for agency accounts on Upwork
  • Get some inspiration and hear how top agencies have succeeded on Upwork

You can find a full list of previous webinar recordings hereNote, you can access the recording by clicking on the registration link. After filling out the registration form with your name and email, you will be redirected to the video of the recording.

Upwork Power Webinar Starting Your Agency on Upwork 24 july 2019 :: Part 2

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