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Top Ten Most Bizarre Foods in the World

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#10. Deep Fried Battered Rat

Yes, you read it right. People actually eat fried rats and they do so with great enthusiasm. Deep Fried Battered Rat anyone? Well if you are getting tired of fish and chicken, why not go for fried rat and chips? Bizarre Foods

#9. Kiviaq

Kiviaq is not your typical sort of dinner and you won’t find it getting served in hotels and restaurants. A dead seal skin is used to pack around 300 to 500 auks along with their feathers and beaks and feet. The skin is then sewn shut for months and is placed under a large rock.

#8. Rooster Testicles

Do not go on the name or even at the look of it. Well don’t go on anything you read about it, just judge this meal by the taste of it. You can eat it as fried or you can rely on the curry along with it. Just take a look at the picture above if you still have any doubts, or not.

#7. Ant Eggs

Yes, you are not hallucinating and the meal here I am talking about is made up of ant eggs. However, there are certain methods and ways to eat this dish. These ant eggs are mixed with vegetables and rice usually and are eaten in a number of countries.

#6. Fried Chicken Feet

To think that people actually eat chicken feet in some parts of the country is actually amazing. These chicken feet are a crispy and yummy delight according to the people who eat them. Would you like some to try? Well take a look at the pictures above and decide for yourself.

#5. Monkey Brain

Arguably the most bizarre food in the list, people actually eat monkey brain in the world. But that’s not just it; the most disgusting thing about this is that the monkey is still alive when its brains are consumed. Well the rest you can look in the picture shown above.10 BILLIONAIRES WHO MADE IT BIG WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE

#4. Tuna Eyeball

How creepy it would be to know that the thing that you are going to eat can see you? Yes, I am talking about Tuna eyeball.  You can buy the tuna eyeball from major marts across the globe, packed and ready to serve. The picture is not that much creepy, is it?

#3. Haggis

When there is a talk about a traditional Scottish dish, Haggis is always mentioned. Haggis is a dist made by mixing up sheep’s liver, lungs and heart diced, with oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. And all of that is crammed into a sheep’s stomach pouch.10 Strangest Neighborhoods In The World

#2.  Human Placenta

Placenta, human placenta, is also eaten by some people in the world. Well not some people, some women to be precise, and the women after giving birth to a child. These women believe that eating Human Placenta can prevent post partum depression after having a baby.

#1. Balut

One of the most famous foods of Philippines, Balut, is bizarre yet a major attraction for tourists in the country. It is a fully developed duck embryo that is boiled alive inside its shell. Still confused? Well don’t be, just eat it you won’t regret it.10 Stupid Tweets That Got People Fired


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