Ten Craziest Things Confiscated at Airport Security

Ten Craziest Things Confiscated at Airport Security

There are many cases seen where some weird things are confiscated at airport by custom and excise. Here is a list of such things.

  1. Lipstick Stun Gun

At a small international airport in Burlington, Vermont, a young lady was asked to step aside as she was carrying a suspicious lipstick case with her. After examination it was revealed that it was a not an ordinary lipstick but a 350,000-volt stun gun.

  1. A Seal Head

In 2004, a biology professor was taken in by the airport security after they found the detached head of a harbor seal in his luggage.

  1. Chocolate-Coated Heroin inject

At John F. Kennedy Airport, officers inspected Edny Barzo and found $400,000 worth heroin hidden in realistic-looking chocolate bars.

  1. Edible Caterpillars

In 2013 at Gatwick Airport in UK, officers discovered thousands of dead edible caterpillars in the luggage of a passenger.

  1. Hallodapus

In 2009, at Newark Airport in New Jersey security caught a fare-dodger with Hallodapus bug found in his luggage from Israel. Craziest Things Confiscated at Airport Security

  1. Chameleon Hat

Hattie a rare chameleon which was an exotic pet of a 17-year old girl coming from Dubai, was stopped at Manchester Airport and her pet became the possession of custom and excise officers.

  1. A Pair Of Pigeons

In 2009, a passenger coming from Dubai was caught at Australian Airport as he was accused of smuggling two live pigeons in his black tights.

  1. Dagger Hairbrush

A woman in a small Virginia airport was scanned and after some thorough examination, it was revealed that there was a dagger hidden inside a hair brush. 12 Craziest Internet Trolls of All Time

  1. Opium Cats

In 2011 at JFK Airport, suspicious cargo was checked by the Federal agents and they discovered $9million of pure opium hidden in plastic samples of cats.

  1. A Corpse coffin

In 2010, 91-year old Curt Will Jarant was travelling with his wife and daughter slumped in a wheelchair which drew suspicion from the authorities and when examined, they found that Jarant was dead. The family pulled off this stunt in order to escape from transportation costs. Craziest Things Confiscated at Airport SecurityTen Secret Messages Hidden In Popular Movies

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