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How to Sell your Premium WordPress Themes

How to Sell your Premium WordPress Themes

Its 2019 now, Premium WordPress Themes

Sell your Premium WordPress Themes are in high demand these days and it offers a great business opportunity for WordPress theme developers. A premium wordpress theme is very different from a free wordpress theme in many aspects. A premium theme is usually developed by a team of designers and programmers with a focus on quality, features, and usability. You can expect high-quality designs, high-quality codes, a premium theme usually offers high customization options for the buyer, it will be available in multiple languages, comes with many shortcodes, responsive and many such features. There are many firms and people who make a ton of money by sell WordPress premium themes. Let’s see how they sell premium themes and make money.

Sell your Premium WordPress Themes

1. Building your own Brand and Digital shoppingcart

WordPress premium themes and plugins fall into a category named “Digital Products” or “Digital Goods”. A great way to sell your premium digital goods like WordPress Themes and Plugins is to launch a shopping-cart of your own and build a brand around it. The idea is to build a store which sells your own unique premium themes and plugins. There are lots of people and agencies who were successful in building a branded store for Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. Some of them are:- Themeforest –

is a great example of successful business created with premium wordpress themes. Their uniqueness is that they mold Wordpress into powerful web application software’s which can be used to start different kinds of websites – say 1) a website to publish discount coupons 2) a job portal 3) a business directory website and many such application based websites. This simply means you can start a customized job portal of your own using WordPress and the JobRoller Theme from Appthemes, and all this can be done for just 99 US Dollars. If you go by the conventional route of hiring a designer and developer to create a custom job portal, it would cost you around 4000 to 5000 US Dollars. This is the unique selling proposition of Appthemes! They help you to start customized web portals for as low as 99 US Dollars. Similarly you can start a local web based business directory using their Vantage Business Directory Theme. You can see all their products from the Themes Listings page. All their customized themes are priced at 99 US Dollars.How to Make a Flat-Style Website Design With WordPress Templates

WooThemes – is another example of a highly successful business created around premium wordpress themes and plugins. Unlike Appthemes which focuses only on application based wordpress themes, Woothemes develops all types of themes and plugins. One of their flagship product is the WooCommerce plugin which transforms WordPress into a powerful shoppingcart. Woocommerce is released as a free product but there is a big market that revolves around customization of Woocommerce and premium themes developed to integrate with Woocommerce plugin. There are many other examples of success stories about creating a branded store for premium themes and plugins. Some of them are WpZoomStudioPressIThemesThemify. You can get a big list of companies involved in the business of premium theme development for WordPress from commercial listings.


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