How to Take Screenshot on Mac or Apple Laptop

How to Screenshot on Mac

How to Screenshot on Mac! Your Mac comes with everything you would like to require screenshots. There are easy ways to require screenshots of your entire screen, a neighborhood of your screen, or maybe a selected window.

The problem: these features are hidden behind keyboard shortcuts that, to mention the smallest amount , aren’t obvious.

(Are you a Windows user, or wondering about mobile devices? Check our full screenshot guide for tactics to require screenshots on the other device – along with recommendations on taking great screenshots.)

How to Screenshot on Mac

To take screenshots on any Mac, you’ll need to memorize a few keyboard shortcuts. Fortunately, they’re all quite similar – and each saves a screenshot image to your Mac’s desktop by default. Here are the default Mac screenshot keyboard shortcuts:

If you want, you can customize the screenshot keyboard shortcuts from your Mac’s keyboard preferences. Open your System Preferences, select Keyboard, then click the Shortcuts tab and select Screenshots on the left side. There you can customize any of the default shortcuts for screenshots.

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