Most Scandalous Presidential Kids
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Most Scandalous Presidential Kids

Most Scandalous Presidential Kids

  • Biggest Creep

After James Madison’s death, his stepson John Payne Todd, who was a gambler, thief and alcoholic, deceived his mother by making an attempt to sell off his father’s personal belongings. Suffice to say, John definitely never took in to his step-dad.

  • Biggest Cat fighter

After the death of John Tyler’s wife,Letitia Christian,the president married a young New York socialite, Julia Gardiner. The beautiful daughter of John Tyler was still devastated by her mother’s passing and so she rejected all ofJulia’s efforts to have a good relation with her. Not just that! Letty also accused Julia of seducing her own husband, James A. Semple.

  • Wildest

Alice Roosevelt had a big name to protect but rather than that, it was her idiosyncrasies that got the better of her. She once appeared in public with a pet snake, smoked, gambled and was an avid poker player. And if that was not enough, when the Roosevelts moved out of the White House in 1909, she buried the voodoo doll of the entering first lady, Nelly Taft in the White House Lawn.

  • Party animal

Bilalawal Bhutto Zardari is heir to one of the most celebrated political families in Pakistan. Grandson of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and son of the late Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal is known to be one of the biggest party animals in the history of Oxford, with late night parties, women and booze something common. Today, the youngster is chairman of his mother’s political party and though he has tried a lot to sound like her, the effect hasn’t been there yet.


  • Meanest and cruelest

Uday Hussein, son of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, was perhaps the cruelest and spoilt kids any president could ever have fathered. During his father’s terror-laden reign of Iraq, Uday, with his friends, used to abduct young girls, rape them and later leave them for dead on the fields.

When he was the chairman of Iraqi Olympic Committee and Iraqi Football Association, he used to torture athletes when they did not perform well. In 2003, he was killed by an American Task Force and we are sure that no body shed a tear for him.

Most Scandalous Presidential Kids

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