Nerva EXE: Spanish Anal Electric Maxi Scooter – Great Speed and Design

Nerva EXE - 150 km on a single charge, will run at great speed

Nerva EXE: Spanish Anal Electric Maxi Scooter – Great Speed and Design. Maxi-scooters are a little more stylish than traditional scooters. This type of scooter is very large in size and is very ideal for long distance rides. The number of maxi-scooters running on petrol is huge in the world. But running on batteries? That is very insignificant. However, as the demand for electric vehicles is increasing by leaps and bounds, various companies are taking initiative to bring electric maxi-scooters in the market. Spanish company Nerva has launched an electric maxi-scooter to give you a taste of different rides in an environmentally friendly way. Whose name is Exe.

Nerva EXE: Spanish Company Anal Electric Maxi Scooter

It is difficult to take your eyes off the design of Nerva Exe Body panels are very aggressive style. Again for long windscreens the push of the wind will be less felt. They built the e-scooter in a joint venture with BYD, the world’s largest battery maker. Electric scooter reminds me of lithium ion battery However, the Nerve Exe comes with a modern lithium iron phosphate battery. This type of battery is extremely safe and durable.

Nerva Exe
Nerva EXE

The Nerva Exe e-scooter is powered by a 5.8 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. The company claims that if you drive at low speed or in eco mode, you will not need to charge up to 150 km. However, if you want to run at a higher speed, you will get less range 115 km in city mode and 75 km in sports mode.

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Nerva EXE: will run at Great Speed

The Nerva Exe’s battery is mated to a 16 hp electric motor. Due to which it can reach a speed of 125 km per hour. Acceleration is not bad either. It takes 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-50 km per hour.

Nerva EXE: Great Design

The Nerva Exe will run on 15-inch (front) and 14-inch (rear) tires. There are disc brake setups and combined braking systems for safety. This is the most surprising thing Nerva Exe weighs 28 kg! There is no such thing as a heavy scooter in this segment. Even the BMW C 400 GT weighs 64 kg more. Although the performance is said to be quite good, such a heavy weight has worked like a drop of lime in one ounce of milk.

Nerva EXE: 150 km on a Single Charge, will run at Great Speed

The Nerva Exe is priced at 3,360 euros, equivalent to about Rs 2.6 lakh in Indian currency. It goes without saying that it is not likely to be launched in the country’s market right now.

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