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How to make logo transparent background or png format

How to make logo transparent background or png format

What is the Transparent logo or PNG logo?

How to make logo transparent background or PNG format? PNG refers to Portable Network Graphics, it is a popular image format that supports a transparent background. It is actually created to improve the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) which is another image format that also supports transparent color. However, PNG has several advantages over GIF for web application such as support for progressive display and better compression than GIF.

Here is 3 easy ways to make your logo background transparent in PNG format

Have you noticed that many logo designs seem to float on a website and blending nicely with whatever background the website has? This is why you need a logo design saved in a PNG transparent background format. In this article we will show you 3 easy ways to make your logo’s background transparent.

Method 1: How to make logo transparent background or png format with MS-Paint

Microsoft Paint is included with typical MS Windows installation, and has the capability to help you render transparency in your logo’s background. Just fire up your Paint program and follow the following few steps:

Step 1: Open the logo file you want to make transparent, then double-click it so it opens in the Paint workspace.
Step 2: Zoom in on the area of the logo image you want to make transparent.
Step 3: Pull down the “Image” menu at the top of the screen and uncheck the “Draw Opaque” option.
Step 4: Click the “Free-Form Select” tool, and draw a line around the area to remove from the photo, making that part of the picture transparent. When a dotted rectangle or square appears, press the “Delete” key to make that part of the image transparent. Repeat this process until you have made the whole logo background transparent.
Step 5: Save the file by clicking “File,” then “Save As.” And save the file in PNG format.

Method 3: Instant background removal with clippingmagic

This is probably the easiest approach of the 3, and doesn’t require any pre-existing software. ClippingMagicis an online tool that makes it unbelievably easy to remove a logo’s background. After uploading your logo, you’ll see two copies of your logo image side by side. Simply mark with green everything you want to leave in, and with red anything you want to get rid of. and the tool will take it from there.

So having your logo in transparent background format is essential and be sure to ask for it from your logo designer. In fact a transparent PNG logo file is a standard file format of LOGO123’s logo delivery package.

Method 3: How to make logo transparent background or png format with PhotoShop


If you are a designer, or you use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, there are a few simple ways to make your logo background transparent.
It is very easy to take out the background of a photo in Photoshop. After you open your image in Photoshop, make sure it is unlocked so it can be edited. Then select the Magic Wand tool.

Then, click anywhere on the background to select it. There will then be a moving dotted line around everything that is selected.

The Magic Wand tool is great, but doesn’t always select all the white space. To make sure you will be erasing all of the background, I like to click on the “Select” drop-down menu, and choose “Similar”. This will ensure that all of the background is actually being selected.

Once all the background is selected, just hit “Delete” on your keyboard and the background is gone!

To deselect the image, use shortcut command-D and then you can save the logo as a PNG to preserve the transparency. A JPEG cannot have a transparent background no matter how hard you try.


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