Intel 11 Gen Tiger Lake Processor is a Powerhouse for (Asus) Laptops

Intel 11th Generation Processor is Powerhouse for Laptops

Intel has announced the Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake Processor for Laptops will Powerhouse for the devices. These processors will include the company’s new XE graphics, Thunderbolt 4 support, WiFi 7 and relatively better battery life than previous Ice Lake processors. Intel claims that the 11th Generation Processors are going to be “the best Processors for light and thin Laptops .

Intel is going to bring nine new processor designs of 11th Generations. These include U-Series (UP3) and Y-Series (UP4) – both class chips. These 2 class Processors are powered by Core i7-1165G6 with a base speed of 3.0 GHz. This can be expanded up to 4.8 GHz with a single core turbo boost.

Intel 11th Generation Processor

Also, with new powerful graphics, you will get 96 central units and 1.36 GHz equivalent graphics speed.

Intel 11 Generation Tiger Lake Processor is a Powerhouse for Laptops

Intel unveiled the new chips for the first time at this year’s Architecture Day event. Like the 10 generation, the 11 generation chips are based on the 10 nanometer architecture. However, a new “10 nanometer superfin design” has been added which will provide better speed while consuming less power as demanded by Intel.

Intel did not say in which case these additional benefits would be available. However, it has been reported that 20% more speed will be noticeable in terms of office productivity, system level power, etc. As a result, additional battery backups can be found in tasks like video streaming.

Things like word processing will be 32% faster than Ice Lake processors. Intel’s chips are also 24% faster than AMD’s Raizen laptop chips. Video editing will be 49% faster than Ice Lake processors and twice as fast as AMD 11-generation processors. 11 Generations of Tiger Lake processors will be 8% faster than Ice Lake processes and 146% faster than AMD for online games.

Intel is very proud of the new graphics. Graphics performance up to twice as much as before will be available on these chips. The 8K HDR display is supported by these new 11th Generation Chips(Tiger Lake). The chips also have a built-in AI engine for better performance while performing tasks like background blurring in video calling.

In addition to the new chips, Project Athena Certification Standard has been renamed Intel Evo. Evo will need high quality specification. At least 9 hours of real world backup is available on a single charge. There will also be fast charging, which will give 4 hours backup on 30 minutes charge. Intel hopes to see more than 20 Evo Verified designs this year.

11th-Generation Intel Processors – Tiger Lake for Laptops

Asus is going to bring a number of laptops powered by this eleventh generation processor from Intel. Let’s take a look at them.

Intel 11 Generation ‘Tiger Lake’ Processor is a Powerhouse

Asus Genbook Flip S (UX371)

The ultracompact ZenBook Flip S is the first Asus laptop to be built on the Intel Evo platform. It is effortlessly portable, only 13.9 mm thin and weighs only 1.2 kg. Fork has 360 degree touch display with OLED display.

Asus Genbook Flip 13 (UX363)

At just 13.9mm thin and weighing just 1.3kg, the compact ZenBook Flip13 will have a high-capacity battery that can last up to 14 hours. It has a 75-watt charger that supports fast charging. For performance, the ZenBook Flip 13 comes with Intel’s 11-generation Core i7 processor with Intel Iris XE graphics and 16GB of RAM. For storage, it supports up to 1TB PCI 3.0 SSD.

Asus Zenbook S (UX 393)

The ZenBook S is a premium ultraportable 13.9-inch laptop with a brand new 3: 2 aspect-ratio form factor. It is a 15.6 mm thin 1.35 kg compact laptop with a 3: 2 aspect ratio touchscreen display built around 3.3K (3300 x 2200). It also has a high-capacity 67W battery that can run for 12 hours on a ZenBook S laptop. There is a powerful configuration with numberpad 2.0 infrared (IR) camera facility.

Asus ZenBook 14 Ultralight (UX435EAL / EGL)

At just 960 grams, the ZenBook 14 Ultralight laptop has the option of IRYX or Nvidia graphics with an 11-inch Intel processor.

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Asus Expertbook B9

The ASUS Expressbook B9 weighs just 60 grams. Easy to carry on business but powerful, this laptop has the advantage of using two SSDs with this new processor. Also a camera with AI which will help in transparent video conferencing.

Asus Genbook 14

The ZenBook 14 is a brand new laptop with a great combination of performance and beauty and portability. This 1.19 kg laptop has Nvidia Amex 450 graphics with 11 Generation Processor of Int.

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The latest addition to the ZenBook Classic series includes two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, USB 3.2 Type-A, standard HDMI 2.0, microSD card reader and an audio jack. A notable feature of the ZenBook 14 is a four-way frameless nanoAdge display with 92% screen-to-body ratio.

Asus VivoBook Flip 14

The VivoBook Flip 14 is a 360 degree hinge and style flippable touchscreen laptop that can be used in tablet mode. Touchscreen this laptop.

Asus Genbook 13/14 (UX325 / UX425)

The ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425) are two new generation 13.3-inch and 14-inch ultraportable laptops in the ZenBook Classic series. Genbook 13 and Genbook 14 are thinner and lighter than the previous generation. The ZenBook 13 weighs just 1.08 kg 9 and both models are only 13.9 mm thin.

Asus VivoBook S13 / S14 / S15 (S333 / S433 / S533)

The recently launched Asus VivoBook S Series 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch laptops have already gained popularity in the country’s market. This laptop is going to be upgraded next year with 11 generations of Intel processors.

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