What is SEO? How Does SEO Work? Basic Concepts About SEO

How does SEO Work

In this age of modern science and information technology, We’re constantly getting acquainted with new discoveries. What is SEO? How does it Work? Basic Concepts About SEO – Search Engine Optimization. New discoveries in science have made our life flow dynamic, beautiful and enjoyable. One such discovery of science is the Web. In today’s world without internet we can not even supposed our day. Moreover, much of the global economy today is dependent on the Internet.

Today you can buy everything from footwear to head shampoos, even bicycle parts to airplanes. And search-engine technology has made this internet easy and dynamic. The search engine works like a magic lamp in the fairy tale Aladdin to find the necessary information in a matter of moments out of the millions of information spread on Online. Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Dakdakgo are among the most popular search engines in the world today. Thousands of crores of dollars of business are being run and controlled all over the world by focusing on this search engine technology.

How does SEO Work

The lion is share of this is dependent on digital marketing. The biggest area of ​​search engine based digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is one of the main Equipment for increasing the organic traffic of an organization’s website. Today we’ll learn what SEO is, how it works and what you need to know to learn SEO.

What is SEO?

According to the world famous search engine Google, Now-a-days 62 billion US dollars are being invested in the SEO sector alone. By 2022, it will rise to Bill 60 billion, many times more than the national budgets of many of the world’s richest nations. Although SEO is a broad and comprehensive subject, it can be summed up as a set of strategic processes that increase a website’s free, organic, editorial or natural traffic by bringing it to the front page of search engines.

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How important is it to increase website traffic? Imagine you set up a business by spending a lot of money, but no client is coming to your organization to buy your product. Then you cam not expect any profit from your business despite investing a lot of money. Just like that, there is no benefit in spending lakhs of dollars to create a website if there is no traffic on that website. And SEO or search engine optimization technology does the work of increasing this very valuable traffic.

How does SEO work?

If you want to bring a website in the search-engine ranking, you have to do SEO on that site. SEO deals with the content of a website, site architecture, HTML title tags, meta descriptions, and brings the site up in the search engine rankings. Moreover, Backlink building, social sharing, trust building also increased the popularity of the website on the Internet but also brought the website to the rank of search engine.

How does SEO Work

Each search engine has its own set of algorithms that are updated from time to time. With the algorithm update, the search results page also changes. In this way, SEO techniques and techniques have to be changed in the changed situation. If someone does not follow the basic principles or terms and conditions of the search engines, then his website may be penalized by the search engine algorithms. And if a website is penalized or Back listed, then that site can never be brought up in the search engine rankings normally. Therefore, the work of SEO should be done in an ideal path in accordance with the rules.

What do you need to know to learn SEO?

Before discussing the things that are essential for learning SEO, let us know its types. There are two main types of SEO. E.g.

How does SEO Work

1. On-Page SEO: It basically deals with various aspects of the website. Such as: Content Quality, Content-Length, Keyword Density, Title Tag, Meta Tag, Image and Video Optimization, Schema Mark Up Tag, Webpage Load Speed, Sitemap, Natural Anchor Text Plating, Internal Page Linking etc.

2. Off-page SEO: It deals with various aspects of the website. Such as: increase domain authority and page authority, increase page ranking, increase trust flow and site flow, create Backlinks, etc.

Let’s find out now, if You Want to Learn SEO, You must have an idea about some things

1. Keyword Research: When people search in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing for the purpose of knowing something, the keyword is basically. SEO is done for a website by targeting the keyword and for that target keyword the website is brought in the search engine ranking.

2. Check SERPs: The full form of this is Search Engine Result Pages. This is where the search engine results are displayed.

3. Follow Up PageRank: This is part of Google’s algorithm that brings a webpage to the search engine results page. According to the information provided by Google, it sorts the quality and quantity of different webpages and brings them to the ranking according to the importance of the webpage.

4. Analytics RankBrain: This is a component of Google’s hummingbird search algorithm that acts as Google’s artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. It filters out Google’s search results and presents the most relevant information to the user.

5. Submit Google Sandbox: There is a common belief in the search engine world that Google does not allow any new website to appear in the search engine results page using a special filtering process. And the name of this filter is Google Sandbox. It got its name from the fact that it works like a filter. The truth of this common belief is found in practical SEO.

6. Increase Domain Authority: This is a matrix invented by Moz, a world-renowned SEO service provider, which is used as a search engine ranking score for a website. It is calculated between 1 and 100. In short it is expressed by UA.

7. Increase Page Authority: Like the Domain Authority, it is a matrix invented by Moz that expresses the ranking capabilities of a particular webpage on a website. It is calculated from zero to 100. It is briefly expressed by Chao.

8. Make HTML Title Tag: This tag is used to write the original title of a webpage. This is especially important in on-page SEO. Proper use of this tag can bring a particular webpage to a search engine rank for a particular keyword.

9. Set HTML Meta Tag: An important tag after the title tag is the meta tag. It is used to write short summaries for specific webpages. When a search engine searches for something, the short description below the links of the websites that appear in the search results is called meta description. And it is written through meta tags.

10. Make Backlinks: Backlinks are a process or method of linking another webpage or website to a specific website or webpage. It is used in off-page SEO. It is considered as a powerful tool to bring a website to the rankings of search engine results pages. With the right approach and proper planning to create high-quality backlinks, a website can be easily ranked in the search engine rankings.

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In the next issue we will discuss in detail some more basics of SEO.

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