Where can I Find Freelancing or Outsourcing Work?

Find Freelancing or Outsourcing Work

Where can I Find Freelancing or Outsourcing Work? The source of the freelancing cause is everywhere! After Friday prayers, some leaflets are distributed in front of the mosque. You can also do this at various meetings, seminars or trade fairs Isn’t it very easy?

here some website where you Find Freelancing or Outsourcing Work

Find Freelancing or Outsourcing Work

1) UpWork:

This website was formerly known as oDesk, recently changed to UpWork, added a number of features. Another job market called Elance is also connected with it UpWork is currently the freelance market leader On this website buyers post different types of jobs, freelancers apply according to their skills The buyer selects from all the applicants and conducts interviews In most cases the interview is done through UpWrok message or Skype chat, in some cases this process is also done through video conferencing. Due to some of the new algorithms of this website, it is a bit difficult for newcomers to get the job, but if your application cover letter and portfolio are good, you will get the job, after doing one or two things, there will be no problem.

When registering an account, use all the information correctly, do not give any wrong information, provide the information in accordance with the National ID card.

If you do not open two accounts in your name in any way, then your two accounts will be locked, you can no longer work in UpWork. UpWork has 2 types of Member-ship, Free and Paid With free membership you can apply for a maximum of 30 jobs per month

2) Envato:

This type of Market-place is completely different, it is an excellent Market-place for a Passive Income. There are several platforms in Marketplace-e, where you can sell the work you create, which the buyer will then buy and customize at his own discretion. At first glance, the price of the product may seem low, but here you can be a millionaire For example, the price of a business card is $ 6, when this product is sold 100 times, your selling price for a business card will be $ 600. What is the rate you will get in any other market place? The price point is that once you upload a product, the marketplace team will review your product, once it is approved for sale, and you don’t have to do anything else, unless you have a problem using the buyer template.

There are several parts to this marketplace, briefly mentioning what products can be sold in which part:

Graphic River – You can sell design templates such as T-shirts, postcards, brochures, business cards, flyers, logos, backgrounds, fonts, photoshop brushes, text effects, etc.
CodeCanayan – Can sell webware, such as PHP scripts, WordPress plugins, e-commerce plugins, etc.
ThemeForest – HTML Website Template, WordPress Template, Joomla Template, E-Commerce Web Template
PhotoDone – On this web site you can sell stock photographs
3D Ocean – In this website you can sell 3D models
Audio Jungle – You can sell your own composed music
Video Hive – This website allows you to sell your stock video or motion graphics templates

3) Fiverr

This website is currently very popular The best market place for newcomers to get jobs, here you will post jobs instead of buyers, give details of what you know. Your job is to attach this to the sempole job post If the buyer likes your service, he will buy it Even if the value of the job is low, you will see a different picture when you start, one job can earn from $ 10 to $ 100 or more. Another website called Peope Per Hour (PPH) can sell your service in the same way.

4) 99 Design

This marketplace is for designers only, on this website buyers post job descriptions, interested designers design and submit according to job description. This is a competitive system marketplace The buyer decides to use the design of the work he likes and only the winning freelancer gets paid. High prices for work are available on this website But the best place for newcomers to learn / practice Design by imitating the work of others, increase your own skills

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5) Freelancer

This website and a very popular marketplace, all kinds of work like UpWork are available However, their charges are higher than others As soon as you get the job, your account will be deducted from the service charge, but on other websites, after you receive the money, your service charge will be deducted, the rate of 8% – 10%.

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