How to Use Elementor Captcha – WC Captcha Plugin

How to Use Elementor Captcha? – WC Captcha Plugin. CAPTCHA is one of the most popular ways to prevent spam and abuse by preventing bots from being able to submit forms.

To add a captcha, you first need to get the captcha keys from the Google website. You can choose from either WC Captcha. We recommend WC Captcha Plugin as it is the new more secure, less intrusive method to use.

Elementor Captcha Integration

Elementor Captcha

How to use Elementor Captcha? example WC Captcha.

Elementor is one of the most popular on page builder.  At present Elementor builder used 25% website for designing the websites.  And when you will go to make your website secure you need to use captcha plugin. (WC Captcha Plugin For WordPress) But people cant decide which plugin will better for elementor.  Element or default captcha plugin from Google that’s call recaptcha version 2 version 3. It is from Google. Its need to add with API keys and few secret number from the Google.  Sometime people can not at this process properly.

So they cannot use captcha properly on elementor. So here I am share a plugin that name WC captcha. This plugin helps you to integrate capture without any API or any secret code.  Simply at Logic  where you want to show decide?  If logged in user will see the captcha or not?  WC Captcha will display on login form registration from contact from comment form and all etc.

Display Captcha on Elementor via Shortcode.

Wc captcha show captcha on Elementor via.  It’s easy just took the WC captcha short coat and plays with the page builder where you want to display.  Follow the instruction:

1. Install WC Captcha plugin

2. Took the shortcode from WC captcha Settings page.
3. Now go to Elementor page builder and choose the shortcode

WC Captcha 65 − 57 =

element and place the code.
WC Captcha Shortcode

4.  Then save.

5.  But make sure you are using on a form because wc captcha which take where is the submit button of form if never get any form or submit button then the captcha will not work properly.

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I hope you understand and you will be happy to use WC captcha plugin with your elementor page builder. If it really helpful for you please share this and you can help other to use better flag in for element and other page builder.

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