Pro Advice - Ways to Fiverr Gigs Marketing Tips

Pro Advice - Ways to Fiverr Gigs Marketing Tips

Hi Friends,

I'm Rimu Chowdhury a professional freelancer based on fiverr and upwork. here is my personal portfolio Web Developer - RIMU. is a great platform for freelancers, infact working on is convenient for many freelancers.

Above all! It’s FREE 

In these days when I looked back I realized how important it is to promote Fiverr gigs in order to increase sales and in fact after finding on the internet there is no proper guide available for  sellers to help them increase their earnings from Fiverr. Freelancers like this site because of its authentic place for earning online money.

In this Guide, I want to share with you exactly (step-by-step) How to Fiverr gigs Marketing and increase your sales.

Also, I will share with you the top marketing strategies that made me publish my own Services website like Fiverr and sell on it directly without any third-party websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer.

How to Promote Fiverr gigs and Services?

The Best we have 4 strategies to follow to get new clients and orders on Fiverr:

  1. Quora
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Paid Ads

So Let’s start now with the fist strategy.


It is one of the best places to promote your business and grow online.

Quora is my daily routine where I sit like 20–30 minutes every day answering questions and look at the results

Yes, 12K views the last 7 days! it’s really a great place if you want to get fast traffic to your services and get more sales.

DONT’ spam, and give real value!

Social Media:

When I say “social media” I don’t mean go and join 100 Facebook groups and drop your Fiverr links in!!! this is SPAM.

No, use social media to build and grow your presence online, and let people trust you, then you will see how you will be contacted every day from people asking for your services.

In my case, I do have my own Facebook group, but I never paste links to my services, I just post valuable content, and every day, my messenger and my inbox is full of service requests. that I honestly reject 70% because I don’t have time to follow.

Content Marketing:

You can create anything like Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, online Courses, social media posts, e-books, podcasts, webinars and promote your services inside it!

One of my main keys of success Online is YouTube. I highly recommend you start a YouTube channel and a blog, then you can promote your services on. It’s that simple.

Paid Ads:

Even though I don’t recommend using paid ads as a beginner to promote services and gigs. a little advice is not to use Facebook or Google Ads to test instead, try Quora Ads.


Simply because in this way you will target the exact person that is looking for a solution to his problem. so it’s about topic targeting. Here are the main 4 strategies to start promoting your Fiverr gigs online or any service. To sumup, Create a YouTube channel and a Blog, and publish real value.

Get traffic and grow your channel using the methods I showed you, and don’t forget to take advantage of Quora, It’s really very important!, to get more traffic and grow Online.

Here also you can follow: Fiverr gigs Marketing Effectivity

Fiverr Gig Promotion Method Effectivity
Free Promotion 2/10
Fiverr Paid Promotion 3/10
Facebook Ads 4/10
Blog 5/10
Hiring Our Experts 4/10

All this, inline with cold mailing and getting more clients.

Hope this helps!

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