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5 Biggest Near Miss Airplane Landings Ever

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Being on an airplane and being suspended in the sky for hours is pretty unnatural and scary for most people. But the most dangerous part of flying might just be the landing. If you survive the landing, you are home save. The people on this list have had the opposite experiences. We count down the 5 biggest Airplane near-miss landings ever. Buckle your seat belts and enjoy this terrifying ride.

  • Avro 146 At London City Airport


This video is of There is a limit to the amount of friction and weight a landing gear can take. And the Avro 146 while landing at the London City Airport tailed harder than an American muscle. You have to give it to the pilot who made sure that the machine did not get out of control.

  • Any Day At Bhutan

Everyday is a crazy one in airports in Bhuttan where there are only a handful of pilots who are qualified to land a plan. Shockingly, the air traffic control has no issues with that and is pretty much ok with near miss landings which happen more often than not.

  • JAL 747 at old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong in 1988


Back in 1998, the Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong was closed down. Landing at the airstrip was always a hugely difficult task especially because of the presence of trees that make the task even more cumbersome. JAL 747 almost crashed while being caught in the crosswind and the pilot did enough on time to turn the plane around and try again.

  • Last second abort at  Lisbon Airport


Madiera, a beautiful island in Portugal is also very notorious for crosswinds and a few years back, the TAP Airbus aborted at the last second when it became clear that the plane was going to crash land and might wreak havoc in its path.

  • Landing a fighter on a ship during a sand storm

Try landing a fighter plane on an aircraft carrier during a sandstorm and you will find out that there is a reason why a pilot needs to have state of the art HUDs and other gadgets. Landing a plane sideways is very scary but doing that in a sandstorm is something we do not recommend any pilot as long as they don’t have enough flying hours under the belt.

5 Biggest Near Miss Airplane Landings Ever

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