10 Countries That Smoke the Most Marijuana

  1. Jamaica

In Jamaica, 9.86% of the population use marijuana. So far, consumption of the drug is illegal in the country but it might be legalized soon.

  1. Australia

With 10.3 % of the population, Australia is the 9th country to smoke the most marijuana. The use of this drug is unlawful in the country.

  1. Spain

10.6% of the population of Spain consume marijuana. It is illegal to use the drug in public, and to produce and sell but it is legalized for personal use (adults only).

Status: Legal for personal use. Illegal to produce, sell or use in public.

  1. Canada


12.2% of the population of Canada is addicted to marijuana. The drug is legalized for medical use and illegal for recreational purpose.

  1. Nigeria

Even though marijuana consumption is illegal in Nigeria, 14.3% of the population consume marijuana.TEN WEIRDEST PRISONS IN THE WORLD

  1. New Zealand

The drug being illegal in the country, 14.6% of the population of New Zealand consume marijuana.

  1. Italy

In Italy, marijuana is illegal to produce or sell but it islegalized for personal possession. This is why14.6% of the population smoke marijuana.

  1. United States

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With marijuana being legalized in Colorado and Washington for recreation, and in 22 states for medical use,14.8% of the population of United States consume marijuana.

  1. Zambia

The status being illegal in Zambia, 17.7% of the population smoke marijuana. Making it the second country to smoke the most marijuana.

  1. Iceland

Marijuana being illegal in the country, 18.3% of the population of Iceland smoke the most marijuana.


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